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jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010

Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

We recently went to London to see the Book of the Dead exibition in the Britsh Museum.
The exibition is real great, from many points of view: the artistc value and symbolism of the books themselves, the way they are presented, the information given as one walks along the papyrus and the great finale: a 30 meters plus long papyrus mounted on a semicircular wall.
It is really great!!
Following is a extract from the exibition guide that we thought was worth to share here:
" The Book of the Dead was the culmination of a long tradition in ancient Egypt of providing religius texts for the dead.The earliest funerary texts were carved on the walls of royal pyramids, and these were followed by spells written on the surfaces of coffins.The Book of the Dead developed directly from these early funerary texts. It could be inscribed on coffins,shrouds and mummy bandages, but wss usually written on rolls of papyrus.
Must of the papyri in this exibition date from the New Kingdom period from about 1550 to 1069 BC. After a hiatus from 850-700 BC the Book of the Dead wsa revived and reorganized, and continued in use until around 100-0 BC"

This is a marvelous exibition : broadgay recommends visiting the Book of the Dead at the British Museum in London.
You can buy the tickets in advance using the British Museum webpage:
We recommend to call in advance an book your entrance slot since there are lots of people going to the exibition and it may be difficult to get a good time to visit.

lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

Nardino a great italian restaurant in Madrid

We recently went to Nardino Restaurant to have dinner. Nardino is a relatively new addition to the italian restaurants of the Madrid scenario.
We think this is really one of the best Italian restaurant of Madrid, when considering it is located in Chueca (the Madrid gay district),it is big and comfortable, decorated with very good taste, good service, in a gay friendly atmosphere and, best of all, an excellent cost/value relation ...
Broadgay recommends Nardino
Nardino is located at # 3 Marques de Valdeiglesias, Madrid very close to two of the metro stations. You could use either Chueca or Gran Vía Stations.
You can get more information in the Nardino webpage:

Monet at the Grand Palais-Paris

We went to Paris, over the week-end to see the Monet Exposition at the Grand Palais.
We have to say, that htis has been one of the best expositions we have seen in our lives. Around 200 masterpieces organized in a perfect way. Paintings from mayor museums of the World brought to Paris so they could be organized by Monet´s series and his evolution as an artist.
The trip was worth it!!!

You can get more information of the exposition in the following address :

We stayed in the Bastille de Launay, a small and nice hotel close to the Le Marais, the Paris gay district.
It is supposed to be a 2 star hotel, but it has a very well design, it has comfortable an very clean rooms and a small area for a french breakfast before you get into the Paris adventure. You can access to the Bastille de Launay hotel thru :

viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010


" In the pre-Stonewall era before the advent of the gay rights movement, male nude photography was kep under ground."
This is the begining of Uncovered , rare vintage male nudes, by Reed Massengill, the very best male nude photography I have recently bought.
Broadgay recommends Uncovered, a book with beautiful male in the nudes from a different era..
You can get via in the photos section

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Luna Rossa un rincón de Napoli en Madrid/Luna Rossa a corner of Napoli in Madrid

Recientemente fuimos a la Luna Rossa en la calle San Bernardo, 24, semiesquina con la Calle Luna. Muy cerquita de la Gran Vía. Una experiencia Napoletana en Madrid.
Tomamos unas de las mejores pizze de Madrid. El ambiente y decoración muy Napoletana. Atendidos por unos camareros italianos encantadores.
muy recomendable!!

viernes, 12 de marzo de 2010

Anema e Core Madrid - Ristorante Napoletano

Hace muy poco Broadgay fue al Teatro Real de Madrid, y muy cerca de alli, quedamos con unos amigos en un Ristorante Pizzeria Napoletano ; se llama Anema e Core ( alma y corazón en napolitano) y queda en la calle Arenal. Nos pareció excelente por su buena comida decoración y servicio. Es atendido por unos chicos italianos muy guapos y atentos. Además tiene una buena relación precio/valor. Llegamo bastante temprano y antes de la hora de la reserva. Los camareros nos invitaron a pasar y sentarnos; además nos servieron varias tapas estilo napoletano muy ricas mientras llegaban nuestros amigos. Nos hicieron sentir en casa.
Broadgay lo recomienda para ir después del teatro o simplemente para una buena cena o comida. Si vas en tu coche puedes aparcar en la Plaza de Oriente y caminas un poquitín hacia el restaurant.
El restaurant tiene página web que te indicamos a continuación:

bañadores sexy/sexy swimsuits

No hay nada como estar desnudo en la playa y la piscina; sin embargo si no puedes estar desnudo también puedes estar cómodo y verte sexy con un buen bañador.

Broadgay ha hecho una selección de bañadores que puedes adquirir para este verano en Amazon haciendo click en el siguiente link:

Nothing like being naked at the pool or beach.; however you can be confortable and looking sexy with a great swuimsuit.

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